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Seeing the Art in the Marketplace

Updated: Nov 16, 2023

In the digital age where most transactions occur online, I relish the opportunity to connect with people face to face.

Personally, I find it essential to showcase my work in person; it allows individuals to witness the quality firsthand and envision how it might complement their living spaces.

Over time, I've gleaned valuable insights into what resonates with both me and my customers, and in this post, I'm eager to share some of my favorite tips!

At Wendy Laverick Art, we cherish the chance to meet new customers and discover their preferences. Interacting with fellow artists at neighboring stalls is equally invigorating and serves as a catalyst for producing new pieces.

While selling art online is undoubtedly convenient, there's no substitute for the impact of a face-to-face encounter, be it a heartfelt compliment or a conversation with a satisfied customer. Participating in markets and setting up a stall adds an element of enjoyment to the artistic journey.

Embarking on the endeavor of organizing a stall for the first time can be a thrilling experience. Personally, I've refined my approach over time by exploring different markets.

If visiting in person isn't feasible, I invite you to explore the images on my website. I hope they convey the essence of your favorite wildlife, beautifully captured in my artwork.

The excitement of showcasing your art at arts and crafts fairs is unparalleled. Beyond the joy of selling my creations, engaging with new faces and chatting with existing patrons provides immense inspiration.

The internet's perpetual accessibility is a boon. It enables artists to maintain an online presence 24/7, making their work discoverable by like-minded individuals seeking similar items. While some prefer the convenience of online shopping, drawn by the ease it offers, others value the personal connection that comes from acquiring a unique piece crafted by hand, distinct from mass-produced items found in mainstream retail.

Venturing beyond the confines of one's home, like participating in a farmers market, can be revitalising. Living in an area surrounded by individuals who appreciate artisanal creations is a privilege that I hold dear.

My nature-inspired paintings draw inspiration from the enchanting landscapes of the Cotswolds, where I reside and create. Using layers of acrylic paints or ink and watercolor, I capture the rich textures and vibrant colors on sheets of paper.

My artwork, an integral part of my personal narrative and passion, is available as framed canvas prints suitable for any room in your home. The immense satisfaction I derive from translating my imagination of the natural world onto canvas is a joy meant for everyone to savor!

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