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Inspiration behind Wendy Laverick Art

Updated: Nov 16, 2023

After engaging in the realms of drawing and painting for over four decades, a recent surge of inspiration led me to unveil my original artwork in various forms, including framed canvas prints, living room-ready framed fine art prints, greeting cards, homeware, and distinctive gifts.

Throughout my artistic journey, I've been captivated by an array of styles, ranging from abstract and portraiture to sculptures and fine art. However, in the recent years, my passion has deepened, focusing keenly on the mesmerizing beauty of nature.

My genuine aspiration is to extend the allure of nature's beauty into every home and office, offering exquisite and affordable art through canvas or prints. Depending on the reception of my art, I am open to exploring alternative mediums such as wood, aluminum, or even glass!

I sincerely hope that my artwork resonates with others as much as it does with me during its creation. Whether it's a simple drawing or a grand acrylic canvas, my love for what I do shines through.

My vision is genuinely to bring nature's beauty into everyone's home or office, through gorgeous and affordable art, using framed canvas wall art or prints for your living room.

My ultimate desire is however for you to not only appreciate the art in the present moment but also to have it grace your home or office, becoming a source of joy for many years to come.

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