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How I practice my art

Updated: Mar 8

Hello everyone! I am here to share with you my experience of practicing my art. I have learned so much over the years, and I love to share this knowledge with anyone who is interested in learning about my techniques for painting.

It's not easy to be an artist. It requires hard work, dedication, patience and the willingness to try new things. If you're looking for a way to express yourself through art, you have come to the right place.

This section provides insights into how I practice my art. I start with preliminary gesture sketches, observing the movement of wildlife and the countryside, and then translate that fluidity into my artwork. The end result is a finished canvas frame print that you can display your artwork in.

As you will see, my paintings, drawing and prints are a reflection of the images of wildlife that I observe around me. I believe that art should be an expression of one’s soul and a reflection of one’s emotions. Art is everywhere among nature, in every animal and every plant, not just in human beings.

I like to paint my artwork on canvas frames and turn them into beautiful canvas frame prints. The reason I love doing this is because it gives me the opportunity to observe movement of wildlife and countryside while I sketch out preliminary gesture sketches.

I have been painting for many years. I like to practice my art in a serene, undisturbed setting. My style is very much inspired by the wildlife and countryside around me as I travel throughout the world.

I observe the wildlife and landscape of different areas to find what makes them unique, with this technique as well as a variety of other methods so that it can be realistically painted onto canvas frames.

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