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Step into the world of Wendy Laverick Art!

Our core belief is that everyone deserves the opportunity to adorn their living or working spaces with affordable, exquisite artwork.


The Wendy Laverick Art shop is designed to be a convenient haven, providing you with an effortless way to

infuse nature's beauty into your home or office. Discover our captivating selection of framed canvas wall art,

framed fine art prints, which will be ideal for your living spaces, as well as a range of homeware and delightful gift options.

Commissioned Painting for Mervyn King Governor of the Bank of England
Commissioned Painting for Mervyn King Governor of the Bank of England
Print drawing picture HARES RUNNING Canvas
Print Drawing Picture Red Squirrel

Welcome to Wendy Laverick Art!

Beautiful Fine Art Prints, Accessible to All 

Wendy Laverick's artistic journey has taken her from her hometown of Middlesbrough to the enchanting heart of the Cotswolds in Gloucestershire, where she has dedicated more than four decades to the world of drawing and painting.

Her deep-rooted love for art and culture ignited at a tender age, with vivid memories of her earliest drawings as soon as she could grasp a pencil and paintbrush. For Wendy, art has always been the most profound means of expressing her emotions and unique perspective on the world.

Her initial foray into art was marked by simple brushstrokes, primarily using watercolours and acrylics. However, over the years, her artistic repertoire has expanded to encompass a wide array of themes, including nature, wildlife, animals, landscapes, abstract, contemporary, and impressionist works.

Wendy finds her wellspring of inspiration in the natural beauty of the countryside, the vibrant world of wildlife, and her deep fascination with people and their life stories.

After her university studies in archaeology, where she explored Iron Age and Saxon sites, Wendy transitioned into a full-time career in creating splendid artwork for her cherished customers and clients.

The Wendy Laverick Art shop provides a convenient gateway to invite the beauty of nature into your home. Here, you can explore canvas framed wall art, framed fine art prints, mounted art prints suitable for any living room, greeting cards, homeware, and thoughtful gifts.

With seamless shipping and user-friendly search options, your journey to discovering your next masterpiece is made effortless. If you're unsure where to begin, our knowledgeable team members are readily available to guide you through the art selection process.

Wendy Laverick, formerly known as Wendy Thompson, has left her artistic mark as an artist in residence for the Darlington Building Society. Her works have graced public venues, and she has created commissioned pieces for distinguished individuals, including former Bank of England Governor Lord Mervin King and King Charles III, along with Queen Camilla. Wendy's art is not only a source of enjoyment today but also a promising investment for the future.

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Thank you for your time, and we sincerely hope you enjoy exploring our collections!

print Drawing picture Bear Adam
print drawing picture hedgehog


Wendy your drawings are wonderful, I love the style, so full of movement & fun. Annoyed that I didn't manage to get to your exhibition last year but hope to this year! "

Pippa Jones

“Hi Wendy thank you so much - as you know always loved your work & this piece is a birthday present for my sister. Our Mother was always known as Bumble so we have a bit of a thing with bees & this looked just perfect!"

Sally Pearce

Mr Bumble - white texture paper  16 x 12

 Your wonderful artwork arrived today, it is beautiful. My daughter will love it. Thanks again,
stay safe and well.

Lesley x 

A5 148 x 210 mm PIG with mouse.jpg

I received the picture in the post yesterday. It is perfect, beautiful. You are very talented. Trace will love it. 

Tracy Burton

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